what our customers are saying



The WOCAS process, or “What Our Customers Are Saying” is a systematic approach that leverages the voice of your customers and people to deliver customer led business improvements.

Developed through the experiences of delivering best practice processes for companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, WOCAS ensures you not only capture the root causes of customer issues but also ensures they are prioritised and resolved.

With the WOCAS process you can act upon what your front line staff hear every day and turn it into real improvement that your customers will notice. And that changes engagement when you can act systematically on what they say. Even if you just explain what you are not going to do.

Inspired with Lean Thinking and Six Sigma, WOCAS systematically helps you to:

  • Meet your operating budget constraints by eliminating recurring customer problems that was operational resources – the ‘dumb things’
  • Address the problem of too much data, too many sources by using our proven data structures to bring together analytics, business and customer data
  • Increase customer satisfaction scores and loyalty by improving the customer experience when customers do need to contact you
  • Increase revenue by rapidly transforming insights into products and services innovation that customers want
  • Retain staff by showing them that you are listening and acting on what frustrates them as well as customers
  • Meet strategic aims or regulatory requirements that require the whole business to develop a customer centric culture.


WOCAS.NET is a web based, hosted application that enables a rapid and effective implementation of the WOCAS process. It supports an efficient closed loop process that allows systematic capture, analysis, prioritisation and management of customer centric improvements. It tracks the progress and monitors the results of your improvement projects. The frontline staff can then see transparently the impact they have had on the business.

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