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Budd work in thought leading communities across industries, causes and geographies to make YOU successful. We share pragmatic experiences & deep knowledge of delighting YOUR customers

Take a look below at our communities of experience. They include client experts in the Chief Customer Officer Forum, good causes through our Customer Experience Pro Bono network, our advisory board and our international colleagues & experts in the LimeBridge Global Alliance with relationships dating back to the formation of Budd in 2001.

The Activeo Group, based in Paris, Geneva, Bangalore & Singapore, is a shareholder. One of our LimeBridge partners, they bring a deep access to technology partnerships.


When it comes to the subject of customers, our MD Peter Massey has 30 + years of stories to share and a vast experience of sharing them on stages worldwide.

What are you trying to achieve? Passion & enthusiasm. Stop to think. Pragmatism. World class thinking. Historical insight or futurology. Honest conversations. 600 people or 6 on a board.

Peter is a “serial entrepreneur” and investor. A physicist, running sock factories, a winning sales career in telco. A petrolhead playing music. 4 businesses grown: buyout, sale, listing, ongoing. Author, presenter, chair, expert facilitator. Passionate about all things customers.


The Chief Customer Officer Forum is an exclusive meeting place for passionate and knowledgable customer advocates and leaders. The purpose is to share successes and failures in confidence, to discuss personal and industry futures and to improve professional working lives. Energy, sanity and a great experience in itself. No powerpoint.

Now starting its 16th year, membership is by invitation and referral.


When we founded Budd we had an ambition to be the Amazon of consulting. So contacting friend Bill Price in the US, who ran Amazon’s customer side, seemed the right thing to do. He joined our advisory board and formed his own consultancy at the same time. We both thought… let’s go global on day one! So we formed LimeBridge from our alumni and have worked closely ever since, sharing best practices, clients and project work globally.


Our advisory board has helped Budd develop over the years, both commercially and personally. We also extend our work into helping other organisations and individuals develop over time. We believe in sharing information freely and are always happy to mentor and just be there when there’s a tough problem. Our relationships matter to us.


We work with charities, social enterprises and public bodies even if they have no budget. We’ve always helped clients with free access to ideas & information. We can help good causes get professional volunteers for short interventions or longer relationships.


Peter Massey founded Budd, 6th September 2001. He has consulted from board level to coal face in many industries. As a customer experience guru, his strength is his depth and width of knowledge in all things customer and his passion for sharing. He gets a kick out of helping people to see things differently and then getting stuff done about it. As a serial entrepreneur he applies specialist knowledge, pace and methodologies to the challenges of fast growing or traditional industries. Connect with Peter on LinkedIn

advisory board

Marcus Golby has been Customer Services Director at first direct and deputy CEO at M&S Money, responsible for all customer touch points across the internet, telephones and stores. Having qualified as a chartered accountant Marcus spent a number of years working in Corporate Finance before developing career in strategy and change roles in HSBC. He was COO of Harrods Bank and now is COO of Together Finance  Marcus has a passion for transforming businesses, for people based approaches and for making strategic and operational change happen. Oh and cars!  

Tim Kitchin Until he sadly passed away in Jan 2017, Tim was Account Director at Copper, a digital marketing agency. He was an expert in “Brand Learning” – how internal and external perceptions and brand values interact and how they affect stakeholder value. Formerly with Ogilvy, he was also a director of AccountAbility, the ethical think tank and CSR standards body.


LimeBridge was formed in 2002 by Peter Massey, Bill Price and Osamu Taniguchi, the latter two having worked for Amazon in the US and Japan. It was extended to 10 countries and for a decade ran two unconferences per annum around the world, sharing best practices and supporting external events for the host country. A kind of “Travelling Wilberries” – leading experts in their own right working together on behalf of global clients. Each country was independently owned, some borrowing the LimeBridge + country name. In 2014, Activeo in France bought stakes in Celtycs in India and in April 2017, Budd in the UK. Driva in the US closed in 2016 when Bill went to work for a data analytics company and restarted in 2018. Today, the former LimeBridge principals stay on close drinking terms when they travel to see their growing kids spread out all over the world. They share stages and information, even working together from time to time!


WOCAS is short for  “What Our Customers Are Saying”.  Drawing on Amazon’s work and consulting work in several LimeBridge countries, Bill Price aided by Aussie colleague David Jaffe published the very successful “The Best Service Is No Service” in 2008. BSINS for short! At the same time Stephan Pucker’s team in Germany developed the early versions of cloud based software to support enterprise feedback “Best Service” processes which had been run manually at clients like Worldpay, Microsoft and others. The “cost of doing nothing” models and the root cause ownership processes from Amazon and the ‘top issues’ processes from Microsoft together with the Skyline and “value irritant” dashboards in BSINS were developed into secure, cloud based flows which require no IT department intervention. Talk to us if you want to look deeper.

We’re always happy to talk, share ideas and make suggestions.