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Budd design and deliver brilliant customer experiences by helping companies to really listen and act on what customers & staff know

Using processes pioneered in great companies like Amazon, the team at Budd reduce unnecessary customer effort. We do this by implementing “The Best Service Is No Service” and Me2B by thinking like your customers. The results are a benchmark saving of 20% pa in operating costs, significant uplifts in self-service & sales, award winning levels of customer service & engagement. Take a look at the clients Budd have helped.

Budd’s passion is “How do we stop doing dumb things to our customers and our staff?”. We share this with our LimeBridge global experts and the Chief Customer Officer Forum of the passionate and the knowledgeable in customer experience.

Me2B Book

Budd - The best service is no service book.

‘Me2B’ and ‘The Best Service Is No Service’

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It’s what makes companies legendary – Budd’s 2 min animation

If you are growing in this post recession economy then you probably have a few things on your mind. Talk to us at Budd about delivering brilliant customer experiences :

  • Scaling revenues faster than costs. Are you focused on avoiding or fixing dumb stuff that happens to customers?

  • Protecting & enhancing your reputation with your customers so they are marketing for you. How’s your ‘word of mouth’ working?

  • Inspiring your management team’s focus, capabilities & behaviours. Swapping them out is high risk and expensive!

  • Switching from traditional to digital business. Do you have thousands of agents with tens of analysts – or do you have an equal number? Are you a contact centre business or a digital business with a contact centre?

  • Switching on the intelligence of your workforce, your customers & your big data. Yes we listen, but how do we act faster, better, more strategically?

Budd’s passion is: ‘How do we stop doing dumb things to our customers and our people?’