The Best Service Is No Service

The LimeBridge book, “The Best Service Is No Service”, was co-written by Bill Price and David Jaffe in April 2008 and went to the top of the business best sellers on

The core belief behind the book is the Amazon growth model: – Customers buy more, repeat buy and bring their friends with them when there is least customer effort.

The Best Service is No Service book “I could talk for hours about what we’ve got out of the book… the biggest by far being the approach to value and waste interactions. As a paid for b2b service provider, using the approach to investigate and classify our interactions was a moment of genius. Just presenting these results and getting a couple of changes under our belt changed the culture of our senior leaders across R&D, Commercial, Service and Sales. It changed our thinking, gave us confidence to know we could remove customer interactions AND improve their loyalty (and thus revenue, lifetime value etc) at the same time. It then focused our execution on some simple things. We started just over 2 years ago now and have seen an increase in NPS, stable renewals and realised a 20% capacity saving from our operations budget (which we’ve reinvested into more value adding activities).”

Most customers don’t get up in the morning wanting to call their utility/insurance/mobile phone provider and so this book challenges why they have to. This book describes moving the emphasis from coping with customer demand to “challenging demand” for customer-initiated contacts. It explains, using case studies ranging from to Virgin Mobile, how companies can significantly reduce customer contact rates and provide “Fast+Simple” experiences to their customers.

In answer to Budd and LimeBridge’s mission of “How do we stop doing dumb things to our customers and people?” the book demonstrates how to systematically address and remove the dumb things and in the process save up to 80% of the operating costs of unnecessary contact.

The Best Service is No Service method

It will help the reader understand a very different approach to service that most consumers are clamouring for but few companies deliver – that everything should work so well that they don’t need to contact companies for service at all. When customers do make contact, companies should learn from those interactions to improve their products and services.

“The Best Service Is No Service” will appeal to those responsible for customer service and those who experience it. It’s primarily aimed at the CEO and their direct reports who keep hearing that customer service is slipping and are looking for a brand new approach to create better customer experiences while also containing costs.

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Bill Price

Bill co-founded the LimeBridge Global Alliance with Peter Massey. He was’s first Vice President of global customer service before founding Driva Solutions in the US. He facilitates the GOC, the US equivalent of the CCO Forum.

David Jaffe

David is Consulting Director of LimeBridge Australia. He is a sought after speaker at conferences on service and sales improvement. He facilitates the CCO Forum in Australia.

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