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Customers rule at the London Me2B book launch

Business leaders celebrated the launch of a revolutionary new book on Wednesday that resets the parameters of customer service in the digital age. Delegates from across the business world gathered at the Globe Theatre in London to toast the new LimeBridge book ’Your Customer Rules! Delivering the Me2B experiences that today's customers demand". It explains the 7 emotional drivers for [...]

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How to transform your customer experience in your current budget

This white paper has been produced for the Call Centre Helper webinar of the same name, sponsored by NewVoiceMedia. The paper is a subset of a broader topic and practices under the banner of “The Best Service Is No Service”. This best selling business book was written by 2 of my colleagues Bill Price (US) and David Jaffe (Aus) and [...]

Knowledge Sharing in Best Service Is No Service

Knowledge Sharing in "Best Service Is No Service". Understanding demand, building intelligence from what customers and front line staff know and organising how you operate your self service and people are all key components of delivering a great customer experience. But the underpinning use of knowledge is key to optimising how effective sales or service is. To deliver what customers [...]

Ten examples of crowdsourcing

Companies are seen as the problem not the solution Despite the often trotted out corporate rhetoric about “putting the customer at the centre of everything we do”, for many people, the relationships with their chosen brands has come to represent an “arms length” association. Companies are often seen as the problem rather than the solution. They are seen as a [...]

GiffGaff a business strategy based on crowdsourcing and crowdservicing

When Peter Massey, founder of Budd, sent a link to the giffgaff Wikipedia entry it really set off a debate amongst the Budd team. “A great example of what we talk about” sprang to mind. “why are O2 funding it and what are they learning?” and “what a strange name” followed quickly. Tony Weimer looks at them in a bit [...]

Solving the Governments dilemma How to achieve cost effective quality service in an era of cost cutting

Today's challenge in government "How can we manage increasing demand for services with a dramatically reduced fund of money?" That is the gauntlet thrown down to government departments today. This challenge is not going to go away, even when we are well past the current recession. Increasing age in the population, changing lifestyles and work trends will all make future [...]

Food for thought

In this article, Sue Cooke, a Contact Centre Specialist with Budd, helps you think through contact centre growth and the pitfalls of dividing FTE into ‘Sales’ or ‘Service’. Many contact centres start with a fairly small FTE base whilst gauging contact demand, and then gradually increase their FTE number as their contacts increase; some even see this growth as a [...]

Social media bringing humanity back to business

In this article, Ian Mapp, a consultant at Budd, examines the organisational urge to be ‘seen to be doing something’ about social media - especially when it negatively impacts the company. He tracks the reasons why companies appear ‘faceless’ to many of their customers and discusses the importance of putting the ‘human element’ back into all interactions with customers, whatever [...]

Why dont we listen prioritise and act on what our customers are telling us

In this article, Ian Morton, Budd’s Consulting Director, discusses how many companies, who claim to be customer centric, are failing to prioritise and drive their business change programmes based on what their customers really experience. He provides guidance for improvement and clear action steps to help you get there. Budd has a phrase ‘It’s raining projects’ that neatly describes the [...]

Crowdsourcing and crowdservicing

In this paper given at the PPF Annual Conference, Peter Massey looks at how two major applications of social media are changing traditional contact and contact centres Please log in or register an account to download this article. Click the link to download this file: If you experience problems opening the file try [...]