Food for thought at Budd

In this article, Sue Cooke, a Contact Centre Specialist with Budd, helps you think through contact centre growth and the pitfalls of dividing FTE into ‘Sales’ or ‘Service’.

Many contact centres start with a fairly small FTE base whilst gauging contact demand, and then gradually increase their FTE number as their contacts increase; some even see this growth as a measure of success. “So what?” you may ask. Well, firstly, simply growing FTE without understanding `Why customers call` could mean the business is funding a great many calls that are being generated by the business itself through bad process and practice. Secondly, there is benefit in knowing your demand types, and ensuring that the contact demand type is being answered by the agents whom you have trained to do so. It is no good saying: “Our IVR will sort that out” – because that isn’t always the case. Let me explain a little more…


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