Honesty works by Budd

Looks like EDF gets to keep my business #honestyworks What? Why? What’s he on about? My Facebook and news feeds are a frenzy of stories about lying in public office, both sides of the pond. So much so that the Newsthump mickey taking story about £350m for the NHS feels flat compared to actual stories admitting […]

29 Nov 2010
Ten examples of crowdsourcing at Budd

Companies are seen as the problem not the solution Despite the often trotted out corporate rhetoric about “putting the customer at the centre of everything we do”, for many people, the relationships with their chosen brands has come to represent an “arms length” association. Companies are often seen as the problem rather than the solution. […]

01 Aug 2010
Social media bringing humanity back to business at Budd

In this article, Ian Mapp, a consultant at Budd, examines the organisational urge to be ‘seen to be doing something’ about social media – especially when it negatively impacts the company. He tracks the reasons why companies appear ‘faceless’ to many of their customers and discusses the importance of putting the ‘human element’ back into […]

09 Feb 2010
Are you a two heads or too many cooks kind of person BUDD

There seems to be a homely maxim for every occasion, often with seemingly conflicting advice. Take these two, for example – “two heads are better than one” and “too many cooks spoil the broth”. One encourages the idea of involving more people in solving a problem and the other less. In fact, we even have […]