Waving not drowning Budd

Change is a constant – it’s one of the fundamental truths about being in business – and for some it’s even considered an occupational hazard that comes without the aid of a safety net or danger money! Companies use projects to help them manage change. Too often, however, ‘it’s raining projects’ across the company, meaning […]

Up Close & Personal Budd

In this article, Susan Caesar, a consultant at Budd, discusses the importance of understanding the causal link between employee behaviour and customer behaviour. Case study findings show that having great agents who listen to customers in order to determine appropriate interventions in real-time can deliver equivalent business outcomes to that of more strategic change programmes […]

Lets hear it from the silent majority Budd

In this article, Ian Mapp, a consultant at Budd, discusses how companies are failing to build valuable relationships with the silent majority of their loyal customers because they focus too narrowly on customer complaint management and not on understanding and eliminating the causes that lie behind the complaints; thereby improving satisfaction and reducing costs. All […]

How useful is a wiki by Budd

Recently, whilst working within a financial institution an interesting scenario came to light. There was no formal knowledge management system for front line staff. Some agents had manuals that were up to twelve years old, some had produced their own note books and most just asked each other questions. The result was information chaos for […]

08 May 2009
The 5 minute guide to Best Service is No Service

Budd’s passion is “How do we stop doing dumb things to our customers and our people?”. Through years of practical experience, research and experimentation in several countries we have developed world class processes to do this. They are based on the simple fact that your customers and your front line staff have most of the […]

24 Mar 2009
A beginner’s guide to speech analytics

Speech recognition software has been around for many years but only in the last decade have commercial-strength applications been developed. Nowadays there are many applications in the customer service world which can be classified as: Applications such as biometric security, natural language IVR, situation intervention and guided scripting that are used ‘in call’. Speech analytics […]

A 2 minute guide to Wikis Budd

A wiki is a Fast+Simple way of knowledge sharing using the web. It enables documents to be written collaboratively by anyone using a Web browser. A wiki as defined by Wikipedia is a type of web site “that allows users to easily add, remove or otherwise edit and change some available content, sometimes without the […]