05 Nov 2005
100 things you can learn from first direct Budd

As part of sharing best practice in customer service excellence, Budd has been talking with senior managers, past and present, from first direct to try and illuminate why they are so successful in the eyes of customers. We’ve found radical differences, from what’s typical in most companies, and in the way managers related to customers […]

01 Nov 2005
First direct and the corporate DNA that makes it a winner Budd

One of the most striking differentiators about companies who win in today’s mass customer markets is their ability to put customers at the centre of their operations and to ‘work with their customers’ not just manage customer interactions. At a time when poor customer service is estimated to be costing the UK around £14 billion […]

04 Oct 2005
Sustaining feedback from the frontline Budd

This report summarises the key messages in the first day’s plenary sessions and focuses on some of the top issues addressed during the two-day CRM for Retail Financial Services Exchange, which took place on 3-4 October 2005. The conference highlighted the need for taking a fresh look at how customer lifetime value is defined and […]

01 Sep 2004
Harnessing WOCAS Budd

Whenever I start a new project I want to get as close to the customer as possible, trying to discover “what our customers are saying” (or, WOCAS). Even though our clients can share reams of data on customer contacts, usually via hundreds of reason or contact codes, most of those data are worthless (agents often […]

01 Jun 2002
The CRM challenge Budd

Many companies have been mentioned in the news recently, not for their success in implementing customer relationship management (CRM), but for the millions of pounds they have invested and their failure to realise the returns they envisaged. Why does it go so wrong Well, many CRM programmes tend to be driven from a technical stand […]

01 Feb 2002
Book Summary Ellen Langer Mindful Learning Budd

The Power of Mindful Learning by Ellen J Langer Summary Easy to read, each chapter covering a topic with illustrations from fairy tales etc, basic research and explanation. Written as a practicing psychologist with experiments to prove basic human behaviour. Aims to blow away some myths around: Learning things too well is necessary Paying attention […]