Best practice guide on government contact centres Budd

A poorly handled response to an enquiry can undo many years of good service and building of your ‘brand’ perception. It is, consequently, a waste of taxpayers’ money. Many people approach contact centres from a process point of view, or a system-driven focus. However, it’s crucial that you always remember that contact centres are an […]

05 Nov 2005
100 things you can learn from first direct Budd

As part of sharing best practice in customer service excellence, Budd has been talking with senior managers, past and present, from first direct to try and illuminate why they are so successful in the eyes of customers. We’ve found radical differences, from what’s typical in most companies, and in the way managers related to customers […]

01 Nov 2005
First direct and the corporate DNA that makes it a winner Budd

One of the most striking differentiators about companies who win in today’s mass customer markets is their ability to put customers at the centre of their operations and to ‘work with their customers’ not just manage customer interactions. At a time when poor customer service is estimated to be costing the UK around £14 billion […]