“Your Customer Rules!” – ‘Me2B‘ not B2C

Researched across leading companies, the emphasis of “Me2B” is how 7 relationship needs drive legendary customer experiences.

The world changed from b2b and b2c. It’s about ‘Me2B’ and the 7 relationship drivers that have been identified through audiences and  research. Peter Massey and Bill Price hosted the book launch in London in February. The audience spent time testing the relationship needs in their own experiences at home, with colleagues and with customers. Reactions were highly positive: “the simplicity allows staff and partners to know what good looks like”.



Best Service Is No Service. How to deliver customer and employee hypothesis.

Budd is now offering Me2B customer audits, a library of best practice examples, innovation of customer journeys and operational innovation “labs” in which to test new operating procedures and deliver these 7 drivers to staff and customers. Get in touch if you want to know more or watch Peter Massey’s keynote speech on ‘Me2B’.

The 7 drivers work in conjunction with the 7 principles from book 1 “The Best Service Is No Service” which shows what to do to reduce customer effort and create the Amazon growth model in your own business. Book 2 expands chapter 8, delivering great experiences, and shows what this means in sales & service, multichannel businesses.

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Or read more about our best seller The Best Service Is No Service.



Sales or service Me2B/Best Service customer experience optimisation looks like:

Applying the Principles and Drivers of Best Service leadership. Budd Customer Experiences.

1) A Me2B audit of the customer needs, using both the emotional needs from Me2B and the functional needs from The Best Service Is No Service

2) Estimated ‘size of the prize’ to give a first view of prioritised activity

3) Engagement with stakeholders to create understanding of customer needs and agree where to act i.e. which customer needs they should be winning on to deliver their brand and where they feel they are now. Creates a list of prioritised opportunities

4) Innovation workshops using our Me2B case study library to build on the opportunities

5) Skyline and/or leaky bucket for impact tracking and WOCAS processes for front line knowledge & engagement in ongoing optimisation.

6) Ongoing cross channel optimisation analytics and processes for sales or service experiences

The result is contact optimisation, online optimisation, sales optimisation and  simplification of service.