13 Sep 2012

This experience passed to me by a colleague, Simon. Since I live in Kent and my wife in N Ireland, we use Flybe a lot. I change my tickets a lot as my diary changes and my physical & emotional “customer effort tank” is emptied pretty quickly each time. So we have many similar stories to tell …but I won’t. Suffice to say Aer Lingus start competing on our route in a few weeks.

“I just tried to change a flight on-line with Flybe through my Flybe account.  Should be simple you think.  Alas no. After struggling for a while I called customer services.  Rather than offering to change the flight for me, they referred me back to the website with the following instructions.

  • Make sure you access flybe.com through entering the web address rather than clicking on a google search link
  • Do not sign into your account to retrieve your flight details
  • Make sure that flybe.com is not saved to your favourites

Logical really.  The exact opposite of the path that most regular flybe users would follow!!!!”

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