Pro Bono work



We found ourselves approached by various organisations that are interested in customer experience and our passions but don’t have the funds

We have a created a great network of customer experience and professional services experts and we connect those that need help with those that can and want to help

“How do we stop doing dumb things to our customers and our people?” applies just as much to charities and social enterprises



Can you give me some examples of pro bono projects?

In 2012 we started a wider Linked In Group called “Customer Experience Pro Bono”. Working with social enterprise Resonate, we connect professionals with charities and causes who benefit from short 2 day projects to help them pro bono. For example: How should social media strategy be handled in the UK’s largest charity? What effect would internal performance metrics have on a leading youth charity and how can the team agree what to do ? How can a leading hospice learn to win NHS contracts and win its first one? How can an industry association sort out its strategy? How can a charity manage its volunteers?

SDDT2 207x150In our own business, we have run a confidential annual benchmark for customer contact rates across the mobile telecomunications industry. The telcos provide their data to us in confidence and we provide comparators and key observations to drive down unnecessary customer effort. We’ve also helped Thames Valley Police understand an urgent problem so they could solve it themselves: “Just a note to say thank you. Tony was a tremendous help and has enabled us to find a structure and direction for this piece of work. I am so much happier than I was a week ago as I can see a way forward”

We jointly funded and developed the SDDT Unconferences in order to develop our mission of “How do we stop doing dumb things to our customers and our people?”. It is a participant driven event. No event management companies, no big budgets, no hard selling from sponsors, no fixed agenda. Just valuable conversation that is driven by the attendees.



What shall I do next?

Just pop your situation on an email to and we’ll set up an initial chat by phone. All we ask is that you take it as seriously as we will and think hard in advance how the help we give can have most impact for you and your organisation. In February 2014 we are launching a new site allowing volunteers and good causes to connect with each other.


What about education sector?

We also have a specific interest in helping schools get kids to work. We’re also happy to help lecturing in further education. Read about our Education Programme.


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