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Budd Customer Experiences

Budd bring an objective ‘Me2B’ view of your company and apply the Amazon growth model through ‘The Best Service Is No Service’

Budd combines leading edge, bespoke consulting expertise with a range of best practice tools and processes so you can give your customers, your people and your business what they need. Across all industries.

We remove unnecessary contact for customers. And where necessary, optimise contact for your customers as they travel across your contact channels. Online, mobile, face to face, telephone, chat, social.

As well as consulting services Budd offer hosted web-based solutions that enable fast and effective deployment of customer experience processes derived from how Amazon became legendary.  You can read more about this and all our other areas below. Or just get in touch to talk through your ideas.



What our customers are saying – WOCAS

The WOCAS process, or “What Our Customers Are Saying” is a systematic approach that leverages the voice of your customers and people to deliver customer lead business improvements. Read more

Measuring things differently – Skyline

Skyline is a methodology that helped Amazon to develop their award winning service. It gave them the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any business while reducing unnecessary customer contact by 20% year on year. It is now a Fast+Simple best practice process that Budd and our LimeBridge partners have implemented for companies worldwide. Read more

Me2B – Your Customer Rules

Budd offers audits, a library of best practice examples, innovation of customer journeys and operational innovation “labs” in which to test new operating procedures and deliver 7 drivers to staff and customers. Read more

Voice of the Customer

At the best companies, the voice of the customer is heard loud and clear. And not just once a year in an annual survey. It is continuously being listened to and acted on. We can help you to extract the trends from complex customer data and listen in real time. Read more

We can help your company collaborate 

Budd’s executive surveys in 2004 and 2005 show the critical success factor in companies that deliver Fast+Simple experiences to their customers: closing the loop of customer experience, programmes of change and operations. Read more

Should you keep everything in your company? Outsourcing

Deciding what to outsource, how and where to take it and how to run the relationship successfully are core capabilities of Budd. We can simply keep you up to date with the trends or help you to achieve your strategic plans. Read more

Helping the customer help themselves

We offer a structured process for contact analysis, eliminating unnecessary calls, deflecting appropriate calls to self service and applying the time freed up to optimise performance and customer experience. Read more

Help your guys to perform 

In contact centres and field operations, there are many parts to the system of management. The skilled operator must balance all these to deliver the strategic goals. Read more

The best way to talk to your customers 

We have extensive experience of profitability improvement, segmentation & contact strategies. We design our studies so that the effects can be immediately operationalised. Read more

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