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Budd customer experience consultancy operates a customer service best practice forum called Chief Customer Officer Forum.Our mission in the CCO Forum is “How do we stop doing dumb things to our customers and people?”

Executives who are passionate about customer experience and operations need their batteries charged when they are the major advocate for the voice of the customer in their results driven organisation.



What is this forum?

The Chief Customer Officer Forum is a place for leaders to meet, discuss the future and improve their professional working lives. It’s a place where the best and brightest can exchange ideas, learn new techniques, share knowledge, and in so doing, rise to the top of their profession.

Members of the forum have a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments and most successful techniques in customer experience, leadership and engagement.

Being responsible for the strategy and day to day management of customers is a constant challenge, so the Forum provides a community of like-minded people, peers you can turn to for support in your professional life. Whether marketing, operations, sales or financial you may be that CCO.

The Forum is run for and dedicated to people who like to share: people who share a passion for improving the experience they give their customers and staff; people who are shaping the future of the way organisations relate to their customers.

Membership is by personal recommendation.

“There is an exciting momentum building in the western world as more and more companies grapple with the challenge to put their customers and employees at the heart of their business. For those of us who are responsible for catalysing the change in large organisations, the opportunity to learn from and share with others in similar positions is priceless. Budd have a great expertise and passion for making this happen.”
Alastair Ham, Group Organisational Development Director, Aviva Group
“I’m fed up with conferences and theoretical stories of what you could be doing. It’s a treat to be with like minded people, the truth coming out.”
Nina Jones, Chief Customer Officer and Head of Customer Experience, Porsche Cars GB



What’s in it for me?

The Forum is a unique opportunity to improve the energy of your working life. It’s the ideal place to expand your personal network and develop yourself and your position in the industry.

pdm debs and ninaThe Forum will give you a safe and fulfilling environment where you can:

  • share success, ideas and failures
  • discuss best practices in a sales-free environment
  • understand what works, what doesn’t and why
  • test your new ideas in a safe setting
  • charge your batteries with knowledgeable, like minded experts

You’ll have fun with our ‘unconference’ style whether hosted at a client site or the top London hotel, a school for the under privileged or an Oxford College, cooking your own dinner, racing a Porsche or dining in style at the House of Lords.

You’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that the Forums are confidential, under the Chatham House rule.



Global reach, research and member participation

The LimeBridge Alliance provides worldwide reach and an international perspective to bring learning from outside the UK to the Forum. Our advisory board will be on hand to provide advice and experience of customer experience in some of the world’s most respected organisations.

You can request specific additional research and the Forum can access best practices for you. You can go to visit Forums in other countries.



Interested in getting involved?  Here’s when and where our next Forums are

Budd customer experience consultancy welcomes another like-minded customer service advocate into the forumWhen: 2nd – 3rd March 2016 (completed)

Where: Southwark Cathedral, London

When: 25th -26th May 2016

Where: JLR, Solihull

When: 5th – 6th  October 2016 

Where: TBC

Would you like to join the Forum? Get in touch 


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