Connecting people

LimeBridge leaders at LimeBridge XVIII in Paris

LimeBridge leaders at LimeBridge XVIII in Paris

Budd: Joining the dots since 2001

Budd work with many communities to make you successful by bringing pragmatic experience & knowledge of delighting customers.

The Budd team have worked as and with business and operational leaders across all industries. Budd draw on the worldwide expertise of our LimeBridge partners to bring global best practices.

Take a look below at our communities of experience including client experts, good causes, our advisory board and our international experts.

What Budd stand for

  • Passion & enthusiasm
  • Open & honest
  • Stop & think
  • Changing behaviours
  • Pragmatic and easy to work with
  • Listening & dialogue
  • Doing what we say we’ll do. Read more

Chief Customer Officer Forum

The Chief Customer Officer Forum is a place for passionate and knowledgable customer experience leaders to meet. The purpose is to share successes and failures, discuss the future and improve professional working lives. Energy, sanity and a great experience in itself. Read more

If you’ve a cause – pro bono

Some have a cause worth helping even if they’ve no budget. We’ve always helped clients with free access to ideas & information. And now we help good causes get professional volunteers for short interventions. With some 100 people involved, maybe we can help you. Read more 

What’s occurring globally.

Our founder Peter Massey being interviewed in Melbourne.

Inspiring people

Take a look at this keynote speech on Me2B given to 500 people by Peter Massey in April 2015 – it starts with a Mexican wave!