Customers want Fast+Simple experiences

Customer Feedback Cycle Contrary to 20th Century thinking, not many customers want relationships with their bank, insurance or phone company. They’ve got better things to do than be on the phone to you or visit your branches.

Even when service metrics say it’s ok, customers can quote lots of things that frustrate them about what you do and why they had to contact you in the first place.

For the most part, they just want the basics to work well and to deal with organisations that don’t do dumb things to them. They want your business to be Fast+Simple to deal with. So if there is this gap between what customers want and what operations deliver, the challenge is to close it.

Budd’s approach brings the Fast+Simple business improvement processes of the best companies like Amazon. We can help you embed them so you systematically deliver Fast+Simple customer experiences and eliminate the ‘dumb things’.

What Budd bring

  • Budd bring some of Amazon’s (and other leading companies’) best processes executed through its strategy of “The Best Service is No Service”
  • World class customer-driven business improvement processes for targeting the right issues and acting on what customers and frontline staff know.
  • Hosted solutions to support effective implementation of the improvement processes supported by consulting in customer experience, operations and change management.
  • Motivating all functions & channels to work with customer facing staff to deliver fantastic customer experiences and concentrate on building revenues.


The results are significant and replicable with contact rates and operating budgets reduced by upto 80% over 4 years.

Our research into award winning companies, like Amazon, first direct, eBay, Dell, Avis, GE, Microsoft and Virgin, has shown that the critical success factor in delivering Fast+Simple experiences for your customers is “closing the loop” between what frustrates customers, the projects that make improvements and what operations actually deliver. The further challenge is to do this continuously as a process, not through a one-off project.

The Amazon Skyline and WOCAS processes are the starting point for many companies in their quest for Fast+Simple customer experiences. You can also read more about them in the articles found in Budd Life.

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