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  • Base camp to base camp via the summit. Performance

Performance: Are you heading for the summit or the closed loop?

I had the great pleasure of working with Alan Hinkes last week. It was the start of the 10th year of our Chief Customer Officer Forum and we were honoured to host Alan. Who? What - you've never heard of one of the UK's greatest sporting achievers? Imagine a cyclist who was brave enough to win a race in which 1 out of 5 [...]

  • Actions speak louder than ears by Budd customer experience consultancy

Actions speak louder than ears

What makes a "doer" i.e. someone who gets stuff done? The kind of person you want on your team every time. The kind of person whose team you want to be on. Fitness, sleep, energy. Pace, delivery, cycle time. Decision making, leadership, success. Fitness, sleep, energy. Pace, delivery, cycle time...... I've been thinking about these words and what sequence they [...]

  • How KPIs influence customer experience by Budd UK

Would you prioritise differently if your KPIs were pain, hope and death rate?

It's quite "interesting" to read the political rhetoric of the NHS, the statistics of an ageing population, changes in social care and responsibilities due to cuts to local authority budgets - all whilst experiencing the day to day of a mother with a broken pelvis and elbow who has gone from poorly to very ill because of the broken care path [...]

  • Where should a marketing budget be spent? by

But do you recall what was revealed, the day the TV died. So bye bye….

We all know the lyrics to American Pie, especially once we've had a beer or two. Have I ever told you the story of American Pie, two Aspens and the only two Italian Chinese restaurants in the world? Maybe on another day.... Did you know "the day the music died" is 3rd February 1959. Why? It's the day that Buddy Holly died [...]

  • How does hospitality towards strangers influence key decisions making experiences in your life by

Are you an important stranger?

Practise hospitality this Xmas season. Sadly I heard today that the chaplain from my college days died this week. Here's a little story of why he matters. I hope you won’t mind me sharing with you a story about him and how he changed my life. I hope it brings a smile to you and inspires you to treat every [...]

  • Budd blogger and customer experience consultant Peter Massey gives an overview of his time at the customer experience unconference and a key lesson for anyone wanting to improve their customer's experience by

Does anyone want a bottle of champagne?

Some weeks take it out of you, some weeks energise you. Some weeks do both and you know it's been A week. In a week in which a couple of the big customer and contact centre conferences took place and the announcement of the spending review, I was tied up with some fascinating sessions and meetings. Client confidentiality prevents me saying more, [...]

  • Learning and improving through self reflection is a very rewarding learning experience by Budd blogger Peter Massey

Eating humble pie, thoughtfully

Do you get sometimes get goal focused to the point of missing something? I do quite often. But when I very occasionally bite somebody's head off because of it, it requires a good dose of humble pie. Last week was a brilliant week. But in amongst it all, many little, unrelated things came to roost on the same day, despite hindsight.  And under [...]

  • The science of a customer experience strategy by Budd

Adding maths to your madness

I was struck this week by some amazing results that a large client team had delivered with us. And reflecting on what did and didn’t work I started to wonder. As a physicist, I remember something that still fills me with wonder. How people can put their ideas into maths and then find a ‘remainder’ that does not fit (like [...]

  • Can you lead like Sir Alex? Budd blog on leadership styles affecting customer experiences.

Could you lead every day like Sir Alex?

I just watched Nick Robinson's piece on Sir Alex Ferguson's leadership abilities and what we can learn from him. It's running on BBC iplayer for the next few weeks. Obviously as a life long Man United fan, it's fascinating. The themes of respect, discipline and hard work. The daily recognition of every single member of staff. The belief in the youth [...]

  • Do you see amoral leadership? Customer Experience blog by Budd

Do you see ‘amoral leadership’ ?

The Times, Sept 29 I experienced a fabulous discussion yesterday about 'amoral leadership', a concept which echoed throughout the day. This letter to the Times sums it up quite nicely. It's a doctor's comment on the suggestion that normal hours for junior doctors will be 7am til 10pm, Monday to Saturday. Not quite what the people suggesting it do. [...]

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